February 19th, 2007

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The rest of the vacation; written from home

Saturday was our last full day in Hawaii. Knight brought back Quizno's to the room for lunch-for-breakfast in the room. Then he had a series of phone calls with the dinner cruise people, over our reservation. After that, we set out for the Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor.

We spent some time watching a short history film, then rode out to the memorial and back. After that, we browsed in the gift shop and went back to the hotel. We ended up booked for a one-star dinner cruise, which meant the dinner entrée was only crab legs and filet. Since I prefer crab over lobster, I was pleased. Since it meant a refund over the original reservation price, I'm sure Knight didn't mind. :)

The ship cruised from the port to just shy of Diamondhead and back. We got to see a beautiful sunset, and the Honolulu and Waikiki skylines in daylight and nighttime. Then, to validate our parking ticket, we shopped a little. There was a store in the port mall that sold hand-quilted items. I loved the full-sized quilts, but they out of my shopping budget. Knight bought me a (medium-for-me sized) purse, and I bought a couple of small zippered bags for myself and mom.

Sunday we got up early. We had breakfast in the room (I love having a kitchenette in a hotel room), then worked on packing. I also initiated an out-of-warranty repair order for my phone. Over the course of the week, the water mark visible behind the touchscreen had receded and disappeared. I tried charging the battery over night, but the phone was still acting whacked out, so I had to face the news. Water damage isn't covered under the warranty, so I have to suck it up and pay a repair fee (about half the value of the phone, ouch), but for a $25 fee they offer an extended service that operates like the Cingular warranty-exchange program. I'll get a (new or refurbished) phone by Tuesday or Wednesday, then I can return the old phone for them to repair and use as a refurbished phone.

Then I packed, which involved spreading out my clothes and purchases all over the room, but I managed to get it all to fit in my suitcase and carry-on again. (And bonus, the suitcase zippers held up through our flights. :)

After we checked out, we ate lunch at a diner called Zippy's. I had wonton soup and grilled cheese. Knight had chili-spaghetti. The diner is right next door to yummy bakery. I had Huapia Cake for dessert. Huapia is a coconut pudding that is a traditional dessert at luaus. We had it at the cultural center, and I love it. I've found out that it comes in packets just like Jell-O pudding, and that the best brand to buy is NOH. The Huapia cake was moist and yummy.

We got to the airport very early for our flight. But that gave us time to buy pineapples for Mommy, leis for me, and watch the rest (2 episodes) of 24. Our flight back went to Atlanta with 2 hours in the airport before we flew to Cincinnati. The flight crew on the flight from Honolulu to Atlanta was much friendly than our first flight. The food was yummy, and they served drinks and snacks more often. I watched Grease and then The Queen.

By the time we got to Atlanta, I was so ready to put my feet up all the way. One of the changes to airport decor that has happened since the secure area was locked down to ticketed passengers only, is that there are now benches and seating with no armrests. All of which is to say that one can stretch out flat without resorting to the floor. Yay for putting my feet up. I got a catnap in the airport, then slept through the next flight, and through most of the ride home. (Mom and Critter came to get us, after dropping Tigger off at school this morning.) Knight and Ro invited us to lunch, but I really wanted to get home and sleep more. I might could have managed on the sleep I'd gotten, but I needed more horizontal time for my feet. :)

I slept until 12:30 pm. Hawaii time. Mom and Critter had gone to pick up Tigger at school and pick up Tigger's computer. It wasn't ready yet and they ate dinner at the nearby China Buffet and shopped at Tuesday morning before going back. Turns out "not ready" meant days, not hours (yay for fixed-rate repairs, though), so they came home computer-free. With new pillows for the boys, towels for the blue bathroom, and a crystal glass for Flar.

After they came home, I got the boys to unpack for me. I now have souvenirs from the trip displayed on the coffee table, dirty clothes in the laundry room, and clean clothes in the bedroom to put away. Flar was delayed getting home from Louisville by horrible traffic, but he got home in time to watch Heros with us.

Mom and I are the last to bed tonight, currently watching CSI: Miami.