February 18th, 2007

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Look, Ro, I left the room!

Thursday in Waikiki

Thursday morning, we ate breakfast in the room. Our room has a kitchenette, and we are two doors away from an ABC grocery. We bought eggs and bread and butter to have a simple eggs and toast breakfast. That gave us more time in the room before it was time to go out for the day.

We had lunch at Sam Choy's, then went shopping at Hilo Hattie's. I bought new Hawaiian shirts for Flar and the boys and myself, and found a really pretty dress for Mom. I also picked up some gifts for Life Group. While I was at Hilo Hattie's, I got to pick a pearl from an oyster. They have a fun game of keys to the treasure box to get a discount on the pearl, and then you get to pick your oyster. She asked me whether I wanted white, pink, grey or black, and I expressed a preference for black. The oyster that I picked held a black pearl with a purple sheen. Then the challenge was to find an affordable setting. After she set the pearl for me in a simple pendant setting, she "gave" me two more pearls that were twins from one her private stash of oysters. I went ahead and bought the simple post settings for those, too, so now I have a set of simple pearls.

We got back from shopping with just enough time to get ready for dinner at the Don Ho show. The show was quite entertaining, although Don himself shows signs of his recent health crisis. He is easily distracted, and his words are more slurred than before. But his voice is still very mellow, and the music was good. He showcases young talent in his show; especially impressive was the young woman with her ukelele. She played a piece she called "Led Zeppelin meets Beethoven at the Don Ho Show." Her fingering was amazing, and her playing just riveting. After she sat with Don and did a spot-on impression of him, she got back up for an encore, including Johnny Be Good.

Our hotel is within walking distance of the Don Ho show -- I enjoyed walking before and after dinner.

Friday at the Polynesian Cultural center

Friday, we spent all day at the Polynesian Cultural Center. It's about an hour drive from the hotel, which was really fun in the convertible. We drove through misty rainforest and alongside sandy white beaches with crashing blue waves. The tour through the cultural center was entertaining and informative, but also exhausting -- by the time we had seen each of the seven islands of the tour, and the water parade and the luau, I was too tired to stay for the two hour extravaganza at the end. Knight has seen it twice before, so he was very sweet about driving us home early. Once we got back to the hotel, we pretty much collapsed.

My favorite part of the cultural center was the display by the Samoan. He made fire and coconut milk for us, but he had to decline to climb the coconut tree, on account of rain. The show was very funny, and the Samoan "Kep" was a real card. He was also pretty nice eye candy.

Today, we're heading out to the Dole Plantation and the memorial at Pearl Harbor. Tonight, we're booked on a dinner cruise.