February 14th, 2007

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Internet on the lanai

I'm out on the lanai for better signal and for the air. The airplane was rather dry, and I'm working on getting my sinuses back to normal.

Our flight was uneventful. We flew first class, which was nice. I could have done without the heated seat -- I didn't know the heat was more than just me until Knight mentioned it last night. The lunch was mediocre, because it's just too easy to overcook beef, but the snack was yummy. The movies were a little confused, but there was a large selection. I watched Marie Antoinette on the airplane TV, then I switched to 24 and watched three episodes before my laptop battery ran down. After that, I listened to Rat Run on my phone until we started to land. My treo headset gave the best sound of the three choices.

We are staying in the Hokele Suites Hotel at Waikiki Beach. We have an ocean view, albeit framed by the intervening buildings. ;) Last night, we ate dinner at a Japanese Barbecue place last night. They had a grill set down in the table, snd brought platters of sliced beef to cook. We started with a yummy salad that had apples juilienne in it, a bowl of kim chee (that I ate cautiously - it wasn't as hot as it could have been), cold soy beans still in the pods, a bowl of watercress, sprouts and that clear stuff that I think is rice noodles. They also brought a bowl of steamed rice. One of the platters was sliced tongue, which is very tender. One of the sauces was a lemony sauce, another was a citrus soy sauce.

We were pretty bushed from getting here, and took it easy. After a dinner, we settled in for some television, and both feel asleep before the end of Boston Legal.

Today is slated for leftovers from home - Knight has some calling he has to do regarding insurance, and I've got bills with me to sort through.
Anime-me meme

25 Questions

Here's the 25 questions meme, from various in my friends list. My answers are included here; feel free to add your answers to my journal or post in your own -- many of the questions make more sense as answers in comments. Collapse )