January 29th, 2007

bundled up, walkabout, snow

General Update

I managed to forget to mention that I upgraded my phone last week. I was using a Treo 650, and had just commented to my mom that I still loved my phone (Mom and Dad paid half its cost for me, for an early birthday present in '05), and then I got an offer from Cingular that changed my mind. I'm now using a Treo 680. The transition between phones was painless - hotsync, swap, hotsync, call for activation, done.

The differences that I notice are:
  • the new phone is (only slightly) smaller than the old one
  • the new phone plays MP3s using pTunes instead of RealPlayer (which supports WRM, in case I decide to start downloading audiobooks from the library, instead of ripping them)
  • the SD slot has a cover
  • and (absolutely most shallow and silly but exciting difference) I can now choose recorded tones as caller-id ringtones.

All the connectors are the same, so my chargers and headset work just fine. The only sadness is having to wait until My Tego makes 680 templates.

And bonus, spydielives is interested in trying out my old phone to see if she's ready for a smart phone.

We're meeting for breakfast at Panera tomorrow, coincidentally near the Cingular office -- where they should be able to set her up with a new SIMM card and activate it, if she likes.

In other news, I'm not working tonight, which means work has REALLY slowed down. I appreciate getting to sleep more, and not having to go out in the cold, but this won't be fun when the next car payment comes due. It also means I ought to get off my duff and get some stuff done around the house, considering I've the time.

Spydie came over this morning, for another corset fitting. This time the pattern was almost right, but we decided on one more fitting before using the brocade. She'd like to have a fitting that suggests no more changes, and I'm pleased to have the extra assurance before the final product. :) It's going to look gorgeous, I just know. :)

I bummed around a bit online, and then went out to pick up Tigger. I only got as far as the garage however. The combination of the cold weather and forgetting to unplug my TomTom, then leaving my car from noon Friday until 3pm Monday, meant that the battery didn't have enough juice left to start the engine. :( It *did* make the sad rnrh-rnrh noise; it just didn't have enough oomph to turn over. Current plan is to have Critter jump it before he leaves for school in the morning.

Which is why I'm meeting Spydie for breakfast rather than lunch. :) I also have a check to deposit for Flar, and then I'll drop off library books on my way home.

And now to wash dishes.