January 19th, 2007

Nude Deb, Whee!!

Posting to stretch time off my feet

Email and LJ didn't take much time to read, and I have a bit more time before I need to work on dinner, so I figured I'd write.

ladonna_rena inspired me to make artistic icon of me; roina_arwen inspired me to use one of my nudes for it. The original picture was taken by knight_audit during our vacation in Rio.

This week, I worked Monday and Wednesday, but not Thursday. Staying home last night gave me more time to work on bills; all I have left is downloading and reconciling online accounts, reconciling some health bills with EOBs (I was getting mixed up between the tendonitis foot doctor and the ingrown toenail foot doctor, so I put aside that category as I was working), paying the little bills, and printing out the register so Flar can help me plan paying the big bills.

I paid one of the mortgage bills the other day, because I got a call from the bank, but now I'm wondering: did I pay the right one? And, should I have held off to discuss with Flar? There's this line between paying things ontime and checking with Flar on big numbers. I think I've thrown off defensiveness over that issue, so if I screwed up (in Flar's eyes), I'll just apologize and move on.

I made enchiladas last week, and we've been able to get by on leftovers for many, many days, now that I eat one enchilada at a time rather than two or three.

Tonight, I'm making chicken tetrazini. This time, making the alfredo from scratch to reduce the amount of salt in the recipe. Then, I'm going to remember to go to the mat, rather than totally flake like I did last week.
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Lactating Death Priestess?

This is a shout-out to anyone on my friends list who knows about Roman customs...

I'm watching Rome with Flar. The season starts right after Caesar's assassination in the senate. There is a scene with Calpurnia and a boobyish babe by the body of Caesar. The latter expresses breast milk into the mouth of the corpse. The rest of the scene involves reading Caesar's will, etc. etc.

So, what's the deal with the Lactating Death Priestess?