January 17th, 2007

Card Games

Game Night!

We started out game night with the core group - other interested parties were knocked out by illness or conflictin commitments. We played three rounds of Fluxx, then a round of Grave Robbers. It was a lot of fun, and we ran through the whole deck before we ended. I managed to win GR via walking out on my movie early (and banking points for the end of the game), otherwise I think Ro would have taken it.

Next game night is set for next week, 7:30pm Tue 23 Jan.

Y'all come, y'hear?
bundled up, walkabout, snow

The state of the house

As I was unsetting the dining room table to use it for gaming tonight (that being more sound-isolated from the bedrooms in the house than the game room upstairs), I paused to reflect on how clean the house is. In the sense that surfaces are accessible to cleaning, more than that the surfaces are actually clean, that is. Oh, the kids' rooms are messy, and the playroom is pretty darn cluttered, and my parts of the bedroom are best described as scattered, smothered, covered, chunked, topped, diced, peppered and capped; but it's a big house, and the rest of the house looks amazingly good. The family room is comfortably clean, my roll-top desk is organized again; the kitchen is clean and the table is almost clear; the jacuzzi room is clean and the jacuzzi top has only a small amount of folded laundry on it.

I guess I was just surprised at how reasonably nice it is, for having people over.

And I think the latest credit for that really needs to go to Flar and the boys. So, yay team to them. :)

Tomorrow, I'm making a Sam's run, and working on bills. Critter wants to make a CompUSA and Staples run with me tomorrow - both are stores where he feels the need for a chaperone, and I know the feeling when it comes to office supplies. He's got Christmas money to spend, and he has a plan that involves saving some of it, so he wants help fighting temptation in the store. ;)

Then work tomorrow night. Looks like volume is comfortably up to the point where I can fill 24 hours a week.