January 7th, 2007

bundled up, walkabout, snow

First week of the year

I haven't unpacked yet. Or set down to deal with my three dimensional ttd list of a desk. I've sorted the mail into my desk or to others, but not done more than that as regards paperwork and bills. Not to auspicious a start to the year, so I shall focus on what I've accomplished.

I can breathe. I'm still coughing, but I get to choose when I cough, for the most part. I managed to work one day last week (the only day offered), as well as fixing dinner a couple of nights, making a grand mess of the bedroom by partially unpacking, run various errands, and get my nails touched up.

Friday night, I worked on two of my resolutions at once: I went to The Mat for the first time. The weight loss program is Thin Within, but it won't start for a few weeks. Meanwhile, I am attending a group called "Freedom" which is learning to free oneself of what may be acting as a stumbling block on the walk with Christ. The group is currently studying from a book by Neal Anderson, Who I am in Christ. I made friends with another woman in class who will be going to the Thin Within class, and who likes dogs. We talked for over an hour after class, and then I had to skedaddle and pick up some groceries on the way home.

Yesterday, I stayed in bed till after 2 pm, and then in the evening, we went over to Ro and Knight's for our last Christmas gift exchange. They gave me a stereo headset for my Treo, squeee. :) We watched Pirates of the Caribbean, and found out that the extras are very long. ;)

Today, Critter drove Tigger and me to church, including door-to-door service in the rain, and then we ran a few errands including lunch at McDonald's. Then we had a longish family meeting, wherein we created the menu for the week as well as a shopping list for me to use tomorrow. After that, we started a game of Monopoly, Here and Now. We had to set aside the game for next week when bedtime loomed.

Flar made fish tonight, with a yummy side-dish of carrots and potatoes. I'm going to write up that recipe in a separate post. Critter worked on dishes before he went to bed, and all I'm attempting tonight is to get the family room cleaned up the rest of the way. The boys cleared the coffee table for the game, and I've already cleaned up about a third of the rest of the room. Meanwhile, Flar has the HBO series Rome playing on the big screen.
Diet, Renata on Scale

By the numbers, the first week

The first time I weighed in after the cruise, I was 232. By the next day, I was down to 230, so I'll count the two pounds as auto-travel swelling.

This morning and yesterday, I weighed in at 229.

If I were to chose a goal weight, it would be 175, but I'll be happy if I just establish some consistency in a downward direction.

I haven't started walking Flood yet, but I've bought anti-pull harnesses for all three dogs, and with how they reacted, it looks as if I'll be able to walk all three by myself. I shall be content to be a fair-weather walker at first, and put in 30 minutes on a the exercise bike at the club on rainy days.

After I get rid of the rest of this phlegm in my lungs, that is.
Renata reading book, Bookworm

Books wrap up for 2006


Matt's potatoes and carrots side dish

new potatoes, cut julienne
carrots, cut julienne
safflower oil
teriyaki sauce

Heat oil and sauté potatoes and carrots seasoned with pepper and teriyaki sauce. Cook until the teriyaki sauce is completely absorbed and the dish starts to get sticky. Serve hot.