December 17th, 2006


Presents are wrapped; time to clean for the party. :)

Our Christmas TreeOur Christmas Tree -- Taken after I finished wrapping presents. I still need to take a picture at night, so the lights show.

I woke up this morning to news that Nicholasville Road was closed until 12:30pm. It wasn't until Critter was trying to wake me up (I called J to flake on the kindergartners, then went back to sleep) that I found out it was only the south-bound lanes. But that gave me lots of sleep, plus time to wrap presents. All the presents are now wrapped, except the present we've yet to purchase, for Brody.

Tigger moved the Game Cube downstairs, and the boys have been playing games on the big screen while I've been wrapping presents. TIgger arranged all the presents for me, as I got them wrapped. Last night, Flar got the boys to clean up the family room a tad, so there will be bonus clean space.

Now it's time to clean off the jacuzzi (aka wrapping table) and then tackle the kitchen.
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The cookie party was lots of fun. Ro and Spydie came early with LaDonna and Demariana, to take pictures of Spydie's creations. L and D left before the party got going, but they stayed long enough to chat for a bit, and D even helped with the dishes that I had put off too long.

Alaska and her fiancé and sister came, and L from Life Group and her sister T and niece B. We had enough people to fill the kitchen and share conversation and all get involved in cooking. We made Christmas Cake Cookies, Gumdrop Cookies, Acorns and Rice Krispy Treats. I didn't get around to making hot cocoa, but with the veggies and cheese that Ro brought, and the pizza rolls and bagel bites, we had plenty to fill our tummies.

Critter and Tigger selected a spot for the Crystal Penguin that Knight bought for me, and I helped them put it together and set it up. It looks really cute out there.

What with wrapping presents all morning, and then being on my feet baking all night, I'm ready for an early bedtime.


Clean the kitchen --

Alaska helped out a lot already; I just have dishes to wash, but she organized all of it, and wiped down the table and counters for me.

Clear off my desk --

When Critter and Tigger were cleaning the family room, and when I cleared off the kitchen table today, everything that required action on my part that I could delay, I set on my roll-top desk. I have a three dimensional things to do list.

Laundry --

I have a basket of clean clothes that need folding. Before I do that, I need to clean up the wrapping paper to get back my folding space. Then I need to sort clothes and start generating more clean laundry.

Plan for Christmas in Kentucky --

We're doing Christmas at Bébé's and Scarlett's on Thursday, with Brody and Truly and their kids. We need to buy a present for Brody, and then we'll have all the presents done. We're bringing carrots & dips, cream cheese pinwheels, sausage balls and cake. I have a new silicone cathedral pan, and while I've borrowed Ro's silicone loaf pan to test it, I don't think Angel Food will cook properly in it. So I'll be settling for a white cake. I need to make a shopping list for what I need to prepare food for Thursday and pick that up, as well as any ingredients I need to make the chicken tetrazzini I have planned for dinner tomorrow night.

Plan for Christmas At Sea --

I need to decide what I'm bringing. I know which suitcases I'd like to pack in, which gives me a start at planning. There will be two formal dinners, and I know part of what I'm wearing, but I need to finalize those ensembles, and then decide on what to wear the rest of the time. Plus, I want to pack a pack to leave in the car, for the overnight stays in Valdosta and Miami.

Pick up Tigger, fix dinner, bring dinner to L, work. Remember to call M at work to check, but Opman (who is on vacation this week) thought there would be Revenue on Monday and UK on Wednesday.

Now to bed with me, to be fresh for an early start tomorrow.
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