December 15th, 2006


I love the holidays

Once again, and isn't the timing just too precious, Flar's got cash-flow problems. But it no longer freaks me out. I spent last night sorting and opening mail, posting receipts, posting bills, downloading registers and balancing them, and scheduling online payments. Even though I was up late, Flar was up for the end-game, due to being sick. He asked me if I was still working when I had gotten to the point where I was flailing. Not emotionally, but mentally - just not sure where to pick apart the threads of this big a hole and this short a rope. He suggested I just print what I had -- acknowledging that it might still have errors, which in conversation I figured out was my next step -- and go on to bed.

He's going to look at the printout and figure out where to go from here. But the upshot is that I'm free! That was the last Thing To Do™ before I could start wrapping presents. I wrapped the present for this morning's gift exchange before I went to bed last night, and after I run out of online entertainment, I'm going to wrap the Hanukkah presents and then start in on Christmas.

We had our holiday luncheon for work yesterday, and Knight & Flar's gift suggestion for Opman got a decidedly positive response. They suggested the 20Q. It turns out Opman had been playing with one over the weekend, so he knew all about it, and he was bubbling over about how uncanny it is at guessing. Yay for gift advice. I received one of those gorgeous towers of candy, this one made out of beaded wire-work boxes, and a scented candle. We've been burning through candles at a rapid clip lately, to rid the jacuzzi room of wet-dog, skunk-dog, and other odors.

This morning, we had our Christmas party in Life Group. The woman who organized the party did a really nifty job. We played the Right-Left game to choose who got which presents (then did some private swapping - we're unstoppable); ate yummy snacks including a semi-sweet chocolate dip and sandwich triangles and mini-quiches; talked and giggled; played a Christmas Movie trivia game (I now need to see Diner -- a movie that popped up in a couple of questions that I haven't seen); and even got a group picture taken by our Very Helpful Hotel Guy. I found a new home for the Tumbling Blocks sweater that I knitted ages ago and can't wear because it's scratchy wool. I came home with a tube of hand lotion and more scented candles for the dogs, as well as a braided loaf of bread which was a thank you for being address book / sign-up list lady.

The party was at The Hilton at Lexington Green, so I picked up Bébé's gift while I was in the neighborhood. I also found a hardback edition of Quicksilver that was being remaindered for only $7. The only present we've left to buy is for Brody. I'm crossing my fingers that I will win the UK game package that CKBC is giving out, which would be perfect for him, but it seems unlikely. I went by there after the luncheon yesterday and escaped with only a pin-prick: my hemoglobin was two tenths too low.

Tonight, we will be celebrating Hanukkah with Knight and Ro, and I will get to eat yummy Kugel. We're bringing the dreydels and chocolate coins, and Ro's saying the prayers. :)

Tomorrow, Tigger has a chess tournament. I'm done with Christmas cards, so I'll bring a hand-craft to work on. The Saturday night event got cancelled, so we're not spending the night in Indiana. Which means I don't have to miss church on Sunday. Yay! Ooh, that reminds me, I need to find out if anyone can give Alaska a ride from Clarksville to the Cookie Party on Sunday?

Busy busy, but the most fun kind.
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Web based home library catalog?

Someone in my friends-list posted about a web-based library catalog, but I can't find the reference. Was it you, Brad?

Anyway, Critter is interested in the info...

Update: I was trying to remember Library Thing.

Thanks, geminigirl!
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