November 28th, 2006


Turkey Weekend

Lessee, I already wrote about the dinner itself.

After dinner, we sat around a bit, me writing LJ, the boys helping Flar plan Black Friday. Then Flar and Gaucha retired for a nap, as Critter, Tigger, Playuh and I pulled first shift in the Best Buy line.

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By the time I got home, I was exhausted, but wired. Critter hauled everything out of my car for me, without looking inside any of the packages -- which is how I ended up with a bag of recycling on the bed along with all the gifts. I've got until tomorrow morning to finish clearing off the bed, as that's when Flar will be sharing it with me again.

I couldn't find sleep in bed, but once I got all snuggled into my recliner chair in front of the TV, i was out like a light.

Later in the evening, Critter and TIgger and Playuh and I joined Knight and Ro at the theatre to see Happy Feet. It was a really fun movie, and by the time we got home, I was done in.

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Today I'm focussing on cleaning the bedroom. I sorted the laundry, since I'm washing sheets as part of the bedroom process. I've got clean clothes and lots of miscellaneous to put away properly, the bed linens to change, and packages to sort and wrap. Need to pick up dog food and laundry chemicals while I'm out. Tonight we celebrate Christmas Eve with Gaucha and Playuh.

Tomorrow I'm journeying to consignment stores with Gaucha and Scarlett, attending First Wednesday at Quest, and then working.

Thursday, I have an outing with Knight and then work at night.
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Twinned Daisy

Work Day

Ooh, the amount one can do by getting out of bed before noon.

The bed is made with fresh sheets. The massage table is covered with presents and Flar's clothes, instead of my clean clothes waiting to be put away. All the laundry baskets of assorted items to put away are now emptied and returned to the laundry room. I still have lots of mess to clean in the bedroom, staring with the second half of the closet, but it looks like I've been working on it. And the bathroom is nice and clean. And the laundry bin is empty.

I've washed sheets, whites and sweaters today. Other clothes shall have to wait, as I'm working on avoiding the clean-clothes-mountain.

I'm sitting to rest a bit before I get up and start wrapping presents.

Critter and Tigger and I had Pizza Cups and Cranberry Jello for dinner; Flar and Gaucha and Playuh are having sushi in Louisville before heading home.

Flar is bringing a check home with him and promises money in the account tomorrow. Which means I'll have to work on the paperwork mountain Thursday. Too much already planned for tomorrow.
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Cookie Party Poll

I'm looking at when to have my cookie baking party. That's the party where I supply the kitchen and staples, and y'all supply the recipes and special ingredients, and we all go home with tins of cookies.

Poll #877513 Cookie Party Date

Please check all of the dates which would work for you.

Fri 1 Dec
Sat 2 Dec
Sun 3 Dec
Tue 12 Dec
Fri 15 Dec
Sat 16 Dec
Sun 17 Dec
Tue 19 Dec

Yes, Ro, I left out all the dates you'll be in Florida. How could I have a cookie party without you?
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