October 24th, 2006

Busy Day


I'm working a three day schedule with on-call Fridays right now, which means more time with family.

Tonight, Critter took advantage of me being home to work on the front hall together. We have the clutter tamed into: two towers of craft room (which will eventually re-inhabit the laundry room, but that is a long-term project), one corner of neatly boxed stuff to ebay (after the first of the year at this point, so I can concentrate on other projects), a box of broken electronics to recycle next time LFUCG holds an electronics recycling event, and one box of stuff I need to eventually process. They are tucked neatly in corners so that the two mail tables and coat rack fit nicely. Critter and I covered the steamer trunks that live under the stairs with black velvet, as the first act of decorating.

Critter got a $100 budget out of Flar for Halloween supplies at Wal-Mart, to be re-paid by helping in deep-clesning projects before Gaucha arrives on the 17th. We also found a matching wind-sock and decorative flag of the Halloween persuasion. Critter is supposed to look through the Halloween boxes in the freezer room before he buys more Halloween supplies. He intends to make heavy use of cobweb in the decorating.

Flar is slowly getting better, but still feeling puny by the evenings, and the only medicine he is allowed for pain (because of his kidneys and his other medications) is narcotic in nature. He's got a pretty low dose variety, but it still means loopy Flar. Tonight, because the bedroom and front hall are warmer than the family room, he went to bed early. Once we were done cleaning, we made him get up to look at it, and then hung out in the bedroom chatting before I finally shooed Critter to bed so that I could work on Tigger's school snack for tomorrow. The combination of silly teenager and loopy Dad is really one not to be missed.

But I surely don't mind the relative peace and quiet of the kitchen. :)
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