October 6th, 2006


Last Minute TieDye Party!


For reasons too complicated to type here, I'm having a TieDye party this weekend. Anyone interested in bringing a project is welcome to come use my setup! I'm clearing off the jacuzzi top for the project.

It's going to be an overnight process, really, since the projects need to set for a minimum of 4 hours before rinsing, washing and drying, and the colors are more vivid with a longer set time.

Part A (Bind & fold, Soak in fixer, Dye, Wrap and set) will be on Saturday, starting around 4pm.

Part B (Rinse, wash, dry & iron) will be on Sunday, from 12:30pm until we're done (or 4:45pm at the latest, which is when I need to leave the house for an evening event at church). I'm planning to go to either the early or middle service on Sunday, so I have enough time in the afternoon to iron 36 handkerchiefs (my project).

Feel free to just come Saturday, if you trust me to rinse, wash and dry your project. I'm only ironing my own, though.

I'm providing: Clothespins, rubber bands, fixer, dyes & bottles, saran wrap & ziplocks, and the space to have fun being creative in company. I'm dying hankies, Tigger has a bandana to dye and may help with the hankies, and I'd love the company. When picking your project, remember that cotton, wool and silk take the dyes better than synthetics, and prewash the material without using fabric softener.

Hope you can make it!
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