August 28th, 2006

bundled up, walkabout, snow

In other news

I forgot to mention that I finally got the aquarium clean and repopulated it.

We now have:

two Barbs - Mongo and Sheriff (Mongo is the largest fish in the tank) - who survived the long dark night of algae and neglect

and their new companions:

two Zebra Danios - Marty, and a Fish of Another Stripe
two Black Mollies Who Shall Remain Nameless
two Neon Tetra - Sam and George - named for their patriotic color scheme

and Eugene the crab.

Eugene absolutely loves our finely aged algae patina, and has stripped much of the debris on the bottom of the aquarium back to its decorative finish.

I have discovered aquarium zen. When I feed the fish, I take the time while they are swimming about scooping up flakes (or sucking in and spitting back out over-sized flakes just to get the flavor off of them, I suppose) to just zone out and watch. I am often rewarded by the appearance of Eugene, who pops out of his hidey-hole under the faux-reef to scurry around currying the rock bottom of its tasty coating. He's all with the spindly legs and eyes-on-end and weird tummy-mouth, with delicate pincers that often grab at invisible nutrients. And then he'll just pause, and instead of losing my interest, I find myself transfixed by him, just waiting and watching the stillness.

so yeah, i've got a clean aquarium and all the new fish are still alive and kicking. We put them in the tank of the 31st of July, so they're almost a month old now.
bundled up, walkabout, snow

Notes from Gaming

As roina_arwen mentioned in her journal, World's Fairs have just sort of happened, not on a particular repeating schedule. According to my parents and Wiki, I've been to one official World's Fair (San Antonio, 1968) and one unofficial one (New York, 1964). I remember neither.

Poll #808560 World's Fair

Have you ever been to a World's Fair? If so, which?