July 15th, 2006

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Lazily "productive"

Today I have few, but mighty, accomplishments.

  1. I got 10 hours of sleep
  2. I cleaned up messy spaces in the kitchen
    • the fireplace
    • under my desk
    • the top of my desk
    • the kitchen floor
  3. I balanced the checkbook and all the other accounts in Quicken, and logged in all bills, ready to discuss with Flar tomorrow.
  4. I sent Flar PDFs of the AAA card statement, AAA card contact info, and the Quicken checkbook register report.

Amazingly, we currently have money in our account. Unfortunately, recent expected money has been delayed, and we'll likely need to draw on our mutual fund to cover expenses for a couple of weeks. Tentative good news is that the RRG™ will be covering one of the projects, so money should be coming in RSN.

Flar fixed dinner tonight, with the help of the boys. Critter vacuumed out the refrigerator coils and also cleared off the ceiling fan blades. Flar fixed me a hard lemonade, which I've been sipping on all evening.

Now I think I'm going to dive into my current book, in bed to increase the likelihood of getting enough sleep -- before getting up in time for breakfast tomorrow morning, before church.
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