June 19th, 2006


Father's Day

We were in Texas for Father's Day last year, as well...

This year, I didn't try to get up early enough to fix him breakfast. Instead, I sent him an e-card to read before he left for early service. We joined him for the 11:30 service, after sleeping in, showering, eating breakfast, and doing a bit of housework. After church, we dropped by Barnes and Noble to buy summer reading books for Tigger, and a crocheting book for me. I do it so seldom, I'd forgotten how to do anything but single crochet. I'm making a net string bag to carry my Treo. Embarassingly (since I've never cared for the title), the easiest format was one of those Dummies books.

I fixed beef stroganoff for lunch. Critter helped by stirring the garlic spread and applying it to the bread; Tigger set the table; Mom made salad. The stroganoff turned out soupier than I'd have preferred, but there were no complaints. We gave Daddy a collapsible, rolling cooler that has a 50 can capacity. Still working on an evil plan for Flar.

My Dad on Father's Day We spent the rest of the day variously playing Starcraft (Critter and Tigger), watching TV (mostly police procedurals), going to the Apple store (Mom and Critter), talking on the phone (to Flar and Bro), and napping (Mom and Dad and me, at different times).

I got a start on my net bag. I've formed the bottom, and I'm planning to make the face mesh and the back solid. The book calls what I'm doing filet crochet. I'm *much* slower at crochet than I am at knitting or other crafts. But I think I'll like the result.
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