June 17th, 2006

Card Games

Chillin' inside

I got to go to sleep last night feeling all virtuous.

Dad was having a meeting in the house this morning, and Mom was too sleepy after dinner to want to clean. I figured that the mess was mostly ours, so I cleaned.

I cleared off the tray tables and coffee table in the family room, gathered up stuff that could go to my room, neatly piled the current mail in front of Mom's keyboard, cleared off the kitchen table, rinsed the recycling and got Tigger to carry it out to the bin, and got Critter to run the dishwasher. Then Mom got up to check email, so I let her figure out fitting the leftovers into the fridge. On my way to bed, I then tidied up the bathroom, in which Critter and I have scattered miscellanae. Mom was especially impressed with the job I did in the bathroom. :)

Then we all got to sleep in late while Mom and Dad were up and around early. I got up to a sleeping/empty house and had a bit of breakfast before Dad got home. He had gone out to Costco after his meeting, and came in telling me about a sale on SD cards. When Mom got home, she jumped on the idea of going out. So all of us journeyed to Costco, where Critter and I each got 1G SD cards and Tigger got a new backpack/suitcase as gifts from Mom and Dad.

Back at home, we fixed lunch from various leftovers in the fridge, and then Mom and Critter and Tigger and I played Xactica (the basis for the icon on this post). Mom enjoys card games, and almost always wins. She got the strategy in Xactica pretty fast, but I got luckier cards, and won by 2 points.

Then it was time for Mom and Dad to head back out again, this time for a meeting at church. Tigger finished his book; Critter played Sim City on his laptop, and I slurped Audiobooks from Daddy's I-tunes into a folder to burn onto DVD and twke home. All originially ripped from library copies, so I think of it as an inter-library loan.

After I was done using the I-Mac, Critter and Tigger played Starcraft and I switched to Critter's laptop to read email, LJ and play with graphics. Mom and Dad are back now, and we're watching Adult Swim on the Big Screen.

Just Chillin' - that's what vacation is all about.