June 16th, 2006


Magic Time Machine

My goodness, but I was so responsible last night. We were watching 24, and I stopped us when an episode ended past midnight. Early to bed last night, since we were leaving the house this morning before 10am. We were invited for backyard swimming and lunch at at friend of Mom's.

There was a very cute 15 year old girl there who was quite outgoing, and managed to talk to Critter –- even though he had hidden in his book. Now that he knows for sure he's interested in girls, he's become understandably shy around them. :)

Yesterday, I made a phone call to the bank to (a) clear up the mystery and (b) make a payment to our equity account. (Something I can do online now, and probably willl, in the future.)

Today, I talked with Flar after the payment posted to the Equity account, and I knew for sure how much credit line we had left. He's going to deposit a check tomorrow. Then we went over which checks to pay now, and which to hold til next week. Some of the bigger ones got half now, with the rest to come next week. So I've paid all the bills and I feel like I'm now officially on vacation.

Tonight, we had dinner at the Magic Time Machine. We were celebrating Tigger's graduation from 5th grade to Middle School, and both of the boys' good grades. We had the Roman Orgy, and took home many to-go boxes.. Mom was actually defeated by the Really Big Water Glass, and Critter couldn't finish his dessert. Modern Roman Orgies don't offer a vomitorium.

Ooh, and I remembered to take pictures!
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