June 15th, 2006


Done with finances, for now.

Finished entering all the receipts, reconciling all the accounts, solving mysteries and discovering new ones. Sent PDFs of the checkbook register and uncleared items to Flar with information on aforementioned mysteries.

He's scheduled to close on a large account tomorrow, and deposit big wads of money. Once that's done, he'll be able to pay the local bills, and let me know that it's okay to mail the ones I have with me.

But, done for now.

Last night, I stayed up until Daddy got up this morning for an early deposition in Corpus Christi. He was back in town by noon -- thus no need for an overnight hotel stay. I slept in til afternoon.

Mom took the boys and I out to I-Hop for lunch (I had Eggs Benedict, since it was my first meal of the day), and then we stopped by Cosco for a few items. Tigger picked out oatmeal raisin cookies, and declared that they must be accompanied by milk. There was much thirsty consumption of milk tonight. :)

We ate dinner at Shogun, and after dinner we played Ninja Burger. Mom liked the game, although she is kind of snippy when she is still in the learning phase for complicated games. Tigger is most familiar with the game and kept wanting to skip through the steps, which was not helping to unconfuse Mom.

Tigger played The Incredibles for me while I finished up on finances - not calling it bills, since I'm waiting on deposits to pay any.

Now it's time to turn in. I've caught up with my reading for Life Group, so now I've started Micah.
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