May 18th, 2006

Bad Day

It really started last night.

My car has a big bad ouchie. I didn't stop quite fast enough in a longish bout of stop and go traffic on the way to work last night. Bumper, headlight, fender, unknown engine involvement. The dealer estimate is well over try-to-handle it ourselves, but Knight is going to sleep how much he can help me with pricing from his car guys. I'm calling USAA tonight.

I was due to lose my accident surcharge in August.

The bottom of the instant hot water dispenser in the kitchen is corroded.

I had a nice Deb-fit this morning before the two xanax let me sleep.

Knight held me and told me all the comforting things that would work if it weren't for the big scary thing that only pops up when there's bad, and which I'm usually so good at ignoring.

Flar doesn't love me.

Hasn't for so long I should be good at not including it in the good or the bad it's just is. But it means the little three words that don't help at all practically don't come from him. And it ought be enough to hear it from Knight, to hear t from Ro, to know that really important One loves me, but it all just comes back up and makes me retching bad fit crying.

but he says he's not mad at me, and that's really as good as it gets when there's bad.

Still planning to drive to Chicago to cart Gaucha around Ohare, quite probably in Critter's car. Still planning to drive to Texas. I really really hope my car will be all fixed up before that trip.

Sad now.

Work helps.

Edit: forgot t mention my ankle, which is mostly achy, but occasionally makes walking impossible with acute shooting pain - I have an appt. on June 5 to see what's wrong

And then I just spent an hour trying to get my phone to sync properly; I ended up hardreseting and that *seems* to have worked, but some of the stuff doesn't exactly translate.

And I still need to rip more book for work tonight. Sigh.
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