April 4th, 2006


Space Center Houston and a day in the car.

Mom's been doing all the driving, and she's driving me a bit bonkers. Yeah, I don't use my phone without a headset anymore, when I'm sitting still. But it is not my imagination that she waggles the car more, and loses speed, when she's on the phone. I just don't feel comfortable with her taking calls while she's in five lanes of heavily congested, full speed, downtown Houston highway traffic. I'm just not.

So I'm just not going to push for going to Waco. It MAY happen on Thursday if it happens at all, but tomorrow we're staying on the road systems with which she's familiar. And that's the laugh: she's bitching about another 6 hours on the road to go to Waco and back, but I swear, I'm tracking our road time tomorrow, and I'm betting we'll beat that in-town.


But to the fun stuff. Before we hit the space center, we had a dismal breakfast at the hotel -- only carbilicious foods can really be presented successfully in the unattended freebie buffet style. I mean, the make-your-waffles are impressive, and there was a great selection of fruit and yogurts and cereals... sensing a pattern? The only proteins were sausages and egg patties.

So we stopped at Shipleys. The donuts weren't hot -- it was too late in the morning, and they don't make them as often as Krispy Kreme -- but Shipleys sells kolaches. Mmmmmmmmm.

At the space center, we took the tour - always different; this time we sat in the family room at mission control for part of the spiel. Coolies. Then we watched the newest offering, which turned out to be a current events in space type of briefing, complete with live feeds of mission control. Then we toured the museum-y part, and touched the available-for-touching moon rock. We shopped a bit, and then left.

Before we headed back to San Antonio, we stopped at Marine's for empanadas. nostalgia. still good food.

Every trip was preceded by predictions of doom by Mom, updated by "well that wasn't so bad" as I had been the one predicting heavy traffic. the sigh.

pizza hut pizza, vegging out; now it's time for bed. Tomorrow is San Antonio: shopping at the Apple Store, Container Store, Riverwalk; sightseeing at the Alamo; getting Critter's hair cut. Probably dinner out.