March 17th, 2006

bundled up, walkabout, snow


Alaska has a new beau, whom she is bringing to meet me. They are planning on spending the night tonight. Yay!

I ordered a new silly, some time ago. It still hasn't come, then I got to looking at the details in the order confirmation, and I've been expecting it too quickly.

Got a box of boxes today. Must fill them with auction items.

Disappointed that my delivery was boxes, and not my new silly, I was very pleased to discover a card For No Reason™ whee! I feel loved.

Then I got email that my new silly has indeed been shipped, and to expect it in 10 business days (from Canada, I think).

Tigger wore a green shirt with both orange and white stripes to school today. I wore green, with an orange scrunchie. And a green top hat and shamrock on my index nails.

Talked to Flar this morning on the phone. He called me while I was driving Tigger - he said it was the only time he knew for sure I'd be awake. ;)

Playuh is coming back with Flar, to stay for three months. It's going to be a kind of internship in Flar's business. Meanwhile, we're prepping the Lincoln room this weekend. Gaucha has an interview on Tuesday to see if she can get another visa, to visit while Playuh is here. We're hoping she'll get a long-term visa this time around.

Time to hop in the shower.
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