March 5th, 2006


A day of chess and vegging

Tigger took 2nd place overall in the alternates tournament at state today, winning 3 out of 4 games. Whee!

His team took 4th in the 4-board, and he'll be getting a plaque to remember that.

The co-champions of K-5 (Zachary Taylor and KCD) had a blitz play-off round, which was particularly exciting: we all got to form a gallery a table-and-aisle distance away and watch. It was a completely silent room. Wow.

While at the tournament, I did my bible study, clipped and sorted coupons, read some, knitted some, puzzled some, and generally vegged out. When Tigger suffered his only loss of the day, in the 4th round, he took it pretty hard, but he was able to pull himself out of it, after a suitable period of sullenness. After that, we shopped, and picked a workbook, end-game puzzle book, and new notation tablet.

You'd think that sitting around all day would give me energy to work when I get home, but no -- all I did after the tournament was share pizza with the boys, catch up on LJ and email, and watch SciFi Friday.

Meanwhile, I let Tigger made a solemn promise to read all day (he has an estimated 10 hours to go) tomorrow, in exchange for getting to watch new episodes of Toonami tonight. I am such a softie.

and now it's time for beddy-bye.
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