March 3rd, 2006

bundled up, walkabout, snow


Was wondering how you were.

Idly thinking of someone, I sent drive-by email hugs, which short exchange ended with the above quote. It occurs to me that I haven't been very visible lately.

{checks journal}

Yep, meme posts and snippets since a one-fell-swoop, cut-tagged weekend update.

I'm fine. I'm Not Old Yet (tm), although at this point quite looking forward to becoming officially old when it happens. My weeks are filled with working, sleeping, shortened sleep in order to fit myself into over-ambitious schedules, a disaster of a house that desperately needs cleaning, and the occasional bout of air-journalling, otherwise known as writing posts in my head which I don't ever have time to get into print.

I'm doing a lot of thinking about church and my spiritual health and the current series on Sunday mornings. For quite some time now, I've been thinking of not so much "coming out" at church as HOW to broach, and what, subjects with my Life Group. I started an email that is still in a text file, right after I got home from retreat. It will expand as I give it time, and quite probably be the avenue of approach, as I often hide behind text for initiating Big Stuff. Meanwhile, feeling quite PART of my group, not nearly at all "weird outsider."

I found out this morning that C's daughter was named after the Trinity in Matrix, not the heavenly one. Seems she did the walk-the-walls stunt in utero. C mentioned wanting to watch the Matrix series again and pick it apart for spiritual references, and I'd love to do that with her.

Meanwhile, back on the physical plane of reality, I'm mostly keeping bills paid and supplies purchases and clean clothing available, but I've been out the last few weekends AND Mondays, so I've fallen behind on getting the house to look good, or feeling like I have extra time for projects.

Flar has come up with (courtesy Flyrod) the theme for this year's PWP, which will be another laid-back version without the scripted RSVP page, etc. The theme will be Arabian Nights, and there's a chance (I give it 20% right now) that the family room will be empty of everything but pillows, low tables and a new AV system. Don't know if the emptying will be bothered with, if the AV system doesn't get purchased. I'm still planning to use my 20% coupons at BB&B on floor pillows in the upcoming weeks.

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But now, for bubbles and book and wine and chocolate!
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