February 23rd, 2006

bundled up, walkabout, snow

How can you type so much?

I'm talking. This is conversation. You talk all the time, how can you not have this much to type?

Critter may actually be starting to get a small clue. ;)

This morning, I posted a longer-than usual comment as a post had really caught my interest.

I'm in a thoughtful, talkative mood, and just realized that I'm in danger of forgetting to eat. silly me.

Thinking a lot about church, spirituality, relationship to God lately. Feeling like the Sunday messages have been tailored and honed and carefully aligned and aimed straight at me. This is not altogether a comfortable feeling. This is not altogether different from what I have been praying for, on the other hand.

Going to get my nails done today. Girlie time. Critter is home again today, as his sinus infection is quite literally dizzying, and he didn't relish walking and standing and sitting and walking all day at school.

Finally had a full night of work last night, and the time clock froze. Literally, not metaphorically, although one searches for irony or insight in that.

I've subscribed to podcasts of the sermons, and am listening to one before turning on the DVD at work. Another way to put more God time into my day.

food now, then girlie time.
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