February 22nd, 2006

bundled up, walkabout, snow

it's cryptic day! and regular stuff

so apparently the trick is to not open it very often, and use short, declarative sentences. not bothering with the shift key seems to help

Yesterday at chess club I was quite the little dictator. At least from the boys' point of view. Was quite annoyed at being overridden ( and then not ) by the coach over a not-chess issue. got over it. Still listening to The Big Over Easy, but finished up another one in print.

Tigger is in the process of school-related psych eval. He is ( predictably? ) focussing on attention, but it's encouraging that he (1) thinks Tigger is a little genius doing his own thing and (2) will be suggesting non-pharmeceutical coping methods. And meanwhile, Tigger is bringing up his reading grade on his own. A on the latest graded thingie. (Test, quiz? Whatever)

Had an appt for yesterday that got moved to Saturday, putting the kibosh on nascent plans to enact a hostage exchange this weekend. Flar is working in Lou on Friday and picking up Alaska's sis ( got find her a nick ) to take her to the Nine Inch Nails concert. Oh well. This way I've more time to veg at home, and won't be missing Life Group on Friday.

Meanwhile, last minute scheduled appt for Critter to be speak this morning. Sore throat, congestion, cough -- which sounds as bad as a cough on top of sore throat ever feels.

Yesterday I had the ignition coil replaced on my beetle. That sounds like I knew what the problem was when I took it in, but no. The problem was "it's missing or something when I'm accelerating, mostly around 20-40." They figured out the rest. Loves me no-cost warranty phase of car ownership.

I got my bible study finished while I was waiting for my car. Later in the day, I got my Friday morning reading done during a no-kids lull at chess club. Last night, I was going to tackle the paperwork pile, but I got all chilled and decided to crawl into bed with Flar. at 9:45pm!

This morning, I was bemoaning the fact that I was all ready for bible study, but missing it. Flar suggested that I might get an afternoon appt, but that didn't happen. He also commented how nice it was that we got time together last night to just talk and be, without agenda. He'd like to do that more. Almost immediately after I turned out my light, and when he was still reading, Alaska called. We had a short, but very nice talk while she shopped at Wally-world. At one point, Flar turned off his light, and when I mentioned to her that I couldn't stay on the phone much longer before he would start to grump, he giggled instead. This morning, he said it doesn't mind her calls, because she's not irritating. (Like a certain someone would used to call, is the unspoken implication.) It's nice to have partners Flar likes. I mean, actively likes, and looks forward to seeing and stuff.

enough babbling. warm clothes. dr. pharmacy. home. school. work. maybe paperwork in and about the landmarks.
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Morning update

Critter's diagnosis is acute pharyngitis, for which he has 'scrips for Amoxicillin and Crantex LA. The latter is a decongestant/expectorant combination. While I was picking up his meds, I also got Flar's Allegra and multi-vitamins for him. Considered switching to Centrum Lo-Carb for myself, but would have to add a separate calcium supplement: my current multi has enough.

Home now. Gonna listen to The Big Over Easy and work on paperwork today.
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Updated book list

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