February 20th, 2006

Student Driver

Teaching Critter the Stick

It was actually kind of fun.

Critter wants to learn to drive my car, as he thinks it will be easier to parallel park, for his driving test in May. In thinking back over the first lesson, he's decided he has a problem with analog controls -- the brake and clutch are not simple on/off buttons. He has less problem with the accelerator. Fortunately. ;) But, now he has to balance between two analog controls at the same time.

Anyway, after many attempts, he was able to get the car into first without killing the engine, about 3 or 4 times. Oddly, he did better putting it into reverse the couple of times he tried. He managed to successfully brake to a stop without killing the engine. Once.

He suggested renting a car with manual transmission to save my clutch/transmission, but I explained that he wouldn't be able to drive it with his permit. I don't remember tearing up the first car I learned on, so I'm confident he'll get it.

Interestingly, he seemed much more disturbed by much slower speeds, in my car, than in his car. I think it's just adding that one more thing to think about. It is easier to drive extremely slowly with an automatic. ;)
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Diet, Renata on Scale


Still processing the retreat..

Related, Quest is started a new series today that promises to be really deep. They have podcasts now, so the messages are available even more easily.

Meanwhile, back at home...

Flar has decided to kick start dieting by retreating to South Beach Phase I.

He made a chart of one week of meals, with a space next to each meal for who would fix it. We discussed that in line with when he's planning to be out of town, and when I'm working, and then niggled with the actual entrées to eliminate dishes I won't eat.

He made the shopping list, then I did the shopping. I caught at least two oopses (fortunately, while I was at the store), and we've decided he's officially fired from making the list. It's just too annoying to buy a week's worth of groceries and then not have all the ingredients for a recipe picked out in advance.

As to fun...

Today was family game day. Flar is more likely to participate when we are willing to keep it to two hours. Today we played his birthday present from Tigger: Ninja Burger. Fun was had by all, and now we have honor and money counters added to the box for future games.

We ate dinner at Cici's -- I was going to take Tigger on Thursday, but errands ran too late. Since we're starting Phase I tomorrow, I indulged in Mac N Cheese pizza AND desserts tonight.

I did buy the ingredients for lo-carb cheese cake for desserts this week. No martyr me.

The stick deserves its own post.

Critter helped me with the grocery run, and then we watched an hour of TV with the dogs, before succumbing to the sleepies. He went on to bed, but then I remembered the quiches for Day 1, and woke back up long enough to make quiches, watch Desperate Housewives and read some LJ. Not caught up yet.

Tomorrow is housework, more stick, and work.
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