February 13th, 2006


Lazy days

... pronounce Daze, I suppose. Tigger's out of school this week, so it's my vacation, no matter that I have to show up downtown and type for up to eight hours a night three of these days.

After Flar's birthday party on Friday, I slept the weekend away. A brief interlude for stamping and TV viewing on Saturday with Knight and Ro, and they even got me out of my pjs yesterday, for dinner at San Marcus --- very yummy mexican.

supposed to be awake a cleaning. ate breakfast, finished a book, read my lj and email and now i'm drifting. like napping, only awake. gotta package to assemble, debating the sanity of staying in pjs for the post office... more stamping, work, scanning, creative sweetness and light...

and i'm coasting.
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