February 9th, 2006

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Got home After Light

Okay, so other people might describe a long day at work as "I didn't get home until After Dark." Me, I count it as a long day when I get home After Light. hehe. Critter called me about when I was heading home, to check up on me; Flar called me when he had managed to get home from delivering Tigger to school and my car still wasn't in the garage. I'd been home, but left immediately to mail Daddy's birthday card while I was still conscious. Anyway, I was pulling into the garage when he called.

Tonight I should be all conscientious about leaving earlier, so that I can get up in time for church group in the morning.

I got carried away at the grocery today. But I needed to be in the valentine's aisle: Tigger has to bring a gift tomorrow for his secret Valentine. Heh. He got paired with a girl he doesn't like. He says none of the boys like her. Yes, there are girls the other boys do like. No, he doesn't like any of them, either. ;) We wrangled back and forth over which animal+candy to get, and settled on the less expensive, but with a cute gift bag.

I ended up getting gifties for Knight and Flar and Sweetness. And something fun to share with Ro.

Nice salad filled with goodies for dinner, and now I'm off to work again.
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