January 31st, 2006

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Made myself a small piece of sanity

Essentially, a write-only journal, for saying all that shit that comes to mind that requires biting my lip. Set it up with default security private, won't bother to put it on my friends list, since hey - I don't need repeated the shit that I needed to shed.
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Renata reading book, Bookworm

One in print; one on SD

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Twinned Daisy

Jeu avec les tampons.

Clear alphabet rubber stamps rock.

Tonight I spent about five hours with Ro, making a birthday card for my father. He's turning 70, so I it's okay that I made one card in the time it took Ro to make four.

I've left my bin of stamping supplies over there, and plan to return regularly this week and next, to work on valentines. I'm only making 10 this year, which may be ambitious, considering the speed at which I make cards. ;)

But seriously, I like the card I made tonight. Flar and I are giving Daddy 70,000 frequent flyer miles, to use as he will, which is a great present, but doesn't have much presentation heft. Thus, hand-making a card.

Earlier in the day, I made a run to Michael's, planned valentines with Tigger, supervised Chess Club, printed a report from Quicken, organized the mess on the kitchen table, paid the property taxes, and slept almost 8 hours.

Last week I overslept BSF. Tomorrow, Critter wants a ride to school so he can leave later than usual and get more sleep, so I should be awake for breakfast before BSF.

Then I'm leaning toward a healthy nap with Knight before picking up Tigger, then working on finances before work.
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