January 26th, 2006

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New phone

I have a new phone. The headset jack works. The hotsync jack works. Yay!!

I have a clean install of software; I've re-entered my registration codes; I've re-paired my bluetooth headset; I've selected my known-caller, unknown-caller, voicemail, text message, calendar alarm and palmary alarm and chime tones...

I still have contact pictures to return to internal memory and assign to phonebook entries (the contact pictures aren't synced by I-sync, annoyingly), favorite phone buttons to assign, and color themes and wallpaper. I think that's the extent of my phone personalization that doesn't get restored after hard reset. ;)

I'm a little frustrated about the headset, still. I can get mono sound out of the provided wired headset. So I bought a stereo headset, then I needed an adapter. The one I got from RadShack is a straight barrel, and honestly I think the adapter broke the jack by putting extra torque on it. The adapter recommended for the Treo has an elbow in it. But, I did get stereo sound out of it. When I thought it was the adapter at fault, I bought a 2.5 mm headset, which happened to be a phone headset, so bonus, as it means I'd have a headset for incoming calls when I'm listening to music/books.

Turns out the stereo phone headset only puts music through the right channel; the adapter/stereo music headset provides sound to both ears. Meh. Realistically, I'm more likely to use the thing for voice, stereo optional, like books and language lessions, so at this point I'm just planning to use the original equipment wired headset for that. Which means I've got various extra headsets that will be added to my drawer of miscellaneous cheap electronics...

I need an av geek icon...
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