January 25th, 2006

bundled up, walkabout, snow

a productive day

Today I did stuff. I started out by sleeping until 1pm, to be awakened by my Knight dressed in black. He was kind enough to follow me to Don Jacobs, where I finally had my left headlight replaced. I've almost gotten my numbers even on traffic stops with warnings versus traffic stops for speeding, with my recent couple of weeks as a p'diddle.

After we dropped off my car, Knight drove me to the party store in Tiverton Crossing for Fast Lights for upcoming birthday cakes. Then we went to Wal-Mart, where he let me help him pick frames for new glasses. He was a sweetie and bought me new sunglasses, as my current pair are a bit too close to the same size as my glasses and tend to trap them. After that, we took a cat carrier over to Ro's office, so that she could bring the boys home in two carriers rather than the just one in which she delivered them. To be snipped. Turns out the two trouble-makers are a bit snippy now, go figure.

Then Knight hung out with me at chess club, which was quiet enough this week for me to do a whole week of BSF in one sitting. Yeah, been a bit slow getting into Habit Number 3 of my New Year Resolutions. After Chess Club, Knight drove me to pick up my car, and then I went home and worked. :)

Critter had convinced Flar to fix lasagne for dinner, so he'd already cleared half the counters in the kitchen. After dinner tonight (well, actually starting while the lasagne was baking), I cleaned the microwave, stove, counters, sinks, hand-wash dishes, and a portion of the kitchen table. Meanwhile, I ran and folded a number of loads of laundry. Currently the jacuzzi has only folded laundry for me (folded after Flar had gone to sleep), and baskets of sorted clean clothes for Flar and the boys. There is an empty basket in front of the dryer, waiting to be filled before I go to bed, when I'll shift today's last load ot of the washer.

I've also measured out all the ingredients for a crockpot chicken recipe that I can throw together before I leave for BSF in the morning.

While I was working, I watched and deleted two episodes of Desperate Housewives off of the TiVo, and watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica and two of Commander in Chief. (Critter has lost track of what he's already watched, so I left a note of where I am on the list for him to be able to delete stuff once he's figured out what he's seen.)

My body is complaining about the amount of time spent on my feet, so I shall count it as exercise and go to bed feeling virtuous.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

continuing saga of treo warranty exchange

Alrighty then.

On Monday, Cingular told me to expect my warranty replacement phone in 5 business days, signature required on delivery.

Today, UPS dropped off my phone on the front porch swing. It had been sent 2-day delivery, but I verified by phone that no charge for the faster delivery was applied to my account.

Why yes, I was on the phone to Cingular again today. I'm exchanging my phone because the headset jack doesn't work. The replacement phone headset jack works just fine. The connector for the hotsync cable and power, on the other hand....

Okay, so they're sending me another phone, express delivery (1-2 business days, no charge).

Meanwhile, I had started the process of a "clean install" PDA style, for the new phone. I've decided to continue the process using my old phone. Then when the new one comes, I should be able to simply hotsync to it. The reason for the clean install is that I suspect I have data on the phone that represents files related to deleted applications, or partially installed new applications.

Fun fun.
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