January 24th, 2006

bundled up, walkabout, snow

It's the little things

We have a bathroom on our own floor at work, yay!

The remodeling in the building is still ongoing, but the immediate impact to our offices are over. Yippeee!!!

I'll be glad when they fix the security lock on the back door, though. Right now, it doesn't work, so they're using the deadbolt to lock the door, which requires a physical key, not the card key. The upshot to me is having to walk around to the front of the building, then swipe my card about 20 times or so before the front card key decides to recognize my card.

Today was a very busy day, after the lazy bit.

Critter and I picked up Tigger, then got to the doctor barely in time for his appointment. Which of course guaranteed that the office would be running late. He was prescribed erythromycin for sinus infection, and a Lodrane D, a combination antihistamine/decongestant. That was after being asked which bothered him more, the cough or the congestion. The latter is keeping him from sleeping, thus Lodrane.

We returned my books-on-CD, dropped off the prescriptions, then exchanged Tigger's scratched up game at Game Stop for another, somewhat cheaper game, and change. After that, we popped over to BB&B to look for an 8" springform pan, and came away with an ice cream sandwich maker, refills for my dish scrub brush, and a nifty avocado scooper/slicer. They had 7.5" and 8.5", but since it's for a recipe, I'd rather be exact. They also didn't have any orange peelers, and all of ours have wandered away.

After I clocked out tonight, I found and ordered a springform pan AND orange peelers, annoying on two different sites, thus more shipping cost. But each was reasonably priced, so not painful.

The boys having failed miserably at their normally efficient job at protecting me from shopping, we skipped the box store. Who knows what trouble I'd have gotten in there? ;)

Critter paid for dinner at Dairy Queen, and then we picked up his prescriptions on the way to Kroger, for detergent, and ingredients for cheese cake, strawberry carrot cake and creamy nutmeg chicken. All of which I intend to make later in the week.

We saw Ro's car in the parking lot at Kroger, but she managed to sneak past us in the store. ;)

I did a quick turn around at home, but still didn't get clock in at work until 8pm.

Work was easy tonight, and I'm almost out of Alien Nation.

Errands left for the week include picking up/dropping off clothes at the cleaners, picking up staples at Sam's, and finding my preferred candles for a certain birthday cake. I'm hoping they've gotten more in since the last time I wiped our their stock...
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

lay offs

Flar works with two men that are involved with the Ford plant in Louisville. They are untouched by the lay off plans as announced for the next six years. My curiosity is about news coverage of the layoffs. And, being lazy -- plus, having put the kitchen on my platter of evening activity, I'm asking here rather than doing the research.

His friends say that Ford is offering 4 years of college and $100,000 severance plans. I didn't see anything about this in the Herald Leader coverage of the layoffs in this morning's paper.

Has this been reported anywhere? I'm curious about whether it applies to all of the reported 30,000 people (over six years), as it would amount to 30 billion dollars plus tuition costs. wow.

An inquiring mind shall now return to a dirty microwave oven and a bulgy TiVo.
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