January 14th, 2006


NYR progress

New Year's resolutions - a semi-monthly progress check

1. (Weight loss) I've had middling success sticking to South Beach. Absolutely no weight movement for 10 days, then 5 pounds of water weight fled. Today, I'm reading The 7-Day Low-Carb Rescue & Recovery Plan. The first two† days involve adding foods; I think I like this plan already. ;)

2. (Excercise) I've gotten more active, but I'm not quite in the daily habit, yet.

3. (Tithing) I'm spending more time in study & prayer, but I'm still not consistent about it.

4. (Cleaning) I still get more done at the beginning of the week than the end; I vacuumed the bedroom for the first time in too long. I'm thinking of using my Target gift card‡ for organizatonal supplies for my craft space.

5. (Flood) This is the resolution I keep forgetting I made. Oops.

†: The point is (re-)establishing habits, each expressed as a day. The expectation is that forming habits will take more than one day in practice.

‡: Thank you canuckgirl!!
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Renata reading book, Bookworm

oooh, non-fiction...

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