December 27th, 2005


Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day

I have had a wonderful Christmas this year.

In Christmas, part the first, on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I celebrated with Mom and Dad and Flar and Critter and Tigger and Knight and Ro. Among other gifts, Mom and Dad brought me the brass table we've used for Christmas for years and years. Even if I can't convince Flar to get a tree short enough to fit on it, we'll no doubt use it for Christmas packages. Mom gave me the black opal and gold ring which matches the bracelet that she gave me last year. Critter bought me chocolate. Knight and Ro gave me a beautiful box/statue of a woman. And Flar hatched an evil plan to be executed with the help of Mom and Knight. Then Bébé and Scarlett joined us for dinner after the present opening.

In Christmas, part the second, on the Sunday before Christmas, Flar and Critter and Tigger and I joined Bébé and Scarlett and her son and Brody and Truly and their kids for the last Hisle Christmas celebration at Overbrook Drive. Bébé and Scarlett plan to sell his house and remodel hers (to add an office for him) in the coming year. I got my traditional Spa money from Bébé; and yarn, a pattern book, hairsticks, and a 512M SD card from Brody and Truly. We stuffed ourselves with Christmas buffet throughout the day.

For Christmas, part the third and final, Flar and Critter celebrated Christmas with Gaucha and Playuh down in Brazil. They have rented a house at the beach along with Gaucha's sister's family. Tigger and I joined Knight and Ro for our celebration. We attended Christmas Eve service at Quest at 7:30pm, then we drove around looking at Christmas lights. We dropped by the house to feed the dogs and pack an overnight bag, then Tigger and I spent the night at Ro and Knight's house.

Ro finished a book upstairs, while I kept Knight company as he wrapped presents for her. Tigger played Game Cube games on one partition of the big screen, and we watched Christmas movies. (I was tickled with this feature of big TVs.) To complete our multi-tasking, I started the process of turning colored dots into numbers for the final instruction step of Ro's bead curtain. I'm currently up to 40 out of 68 columns notated.

Christmas in a multi-shift family takes place a little later in the day. ;) Knight and I were the last out of bed, and I think we celebrated Christmas around 2ish. Starmaiden and She_ gave me a box of good smellum candle and lotions, and then I got to open the Evil Plan.

Flar and Ted and Ro and Mom and Dad got me a TomTom®!! I even got to use it the same day -- Knight rode home with me, to feed the dogs breakfast and let them out in the yard, and I set the home location to the GPS coordinates right outside my garage. (Something I haven't figured out how to do for Flar's car -- it thinks 2477 is somewhere down by Carolyn Lane, so I've reset it to the intersection with Marshall Branch, which is at least on our property.)

The TomTom® can even get traffic and weather updates, via a bluetooth connection and the GPRS feature on my phone. :):)

After Christmas dinner with Knight and Ro and his mom and She_ and Starmaiden and her mom and Tigger, Ro lit the Hanukkah candles and we opened even more gifts. I got a Desperate Housewives trivia game. Since Ro got a chocolate fountain for Christmas, I see a Sheepover in the near future. :)

Today, Ro and Spydie and I went to lunch at Brooklyn Pizza and then walked over to Posh, soon to be Bak4Mor, for pedicures, manicures and a hair recoloring between the three of us. I scheduled another pedicure for 2 months from now, and I've promised myself No Picking!

After our girly pampering, we hug goodbye to Spydie, then Ro and I went shopping in Hamburg Place. First dog kibble, then crafts, then books and a light snack with Chai and Hot Chocolate.

By the time we were through, it was high time to feed the dogs and Tigger, who'd been enjoying himself with free run of the house all day. I swept through the house like a wind, and then headed over to Ro and Knight's to just chill for the evening. We watched a really cute fantasy with Tim Curry playing a pirate magically transported to Nebraska (This isn't hell, this isn't heaven; it must be Nebraska!), a Rita Rudner comedy interlude, then a special on cleavage. Knight had to shower and dress for work through most of the special, silly boy. They keep their house SO warm compared to our miserly 60°. I wore sandals all day to show off my pedicure, but in the process of watching TV, I did a slow strip out of first my sweater, then my pants, then my shirt. Knight noticed but didn't comment about the pants, but Ro didn't notice until I doffed the shirt. ;) I never did put my sweater back on when I left. It just seemed too warm. ;)

I've had a lovely Christmas vacation thus far, but tomorrow I'm going to start working again. Tigger and I have let the house get rather messy, and I'm determined to clean it all up before Flar and Critter return in a mere 5 days. I've also some errands to run and I need to arrange an appointment to get the oil changed in my car (for free, at the dealership). Then on Wednesday night, I go back to work. I'm hoping to go to a movie with Ro and Knight tomorrow evening, to reward myself for working during the day.
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Errand Day

First a quick shower, and then Tigger and I are off to pick up a check for Flar, copy and drop off a lease agreement, mail something, and pick up some things at Sam's.

I have a slacker-cleaning goal of getting all the mess into the kitchen, and then cleaning it on Thursday or Saturday.

This evening, Ro and Knight and I are going to a 7 showing of The Producers.
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