December 17th, 2005

Wine, Bubble Bath, Relaxation

They LIKE me, they really LIKE me!

I should talk about bubblebaths more often. :)

Seriously, though, distance beats out, and if'n Belmikey actually could come to visit, he'd have first dibs.

On the other hand, our bathtub easily holds four, as Belmikey well knows...

The ski trip is likely to be on one of the two weekends encircling Mid-Winter break: Feb. 13-17.
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First place, yay!

Tigger's team placed first in their division today. One of the boys took 1st place overall individual, scored his first perfect 5.0 tournament. Tigger only contributed 2.0 to the team total, but it was an essential 2.0. :)

On the way home, we picked up more yarn for a scarf I started in the skittles room. I'm becoming addicted to yarn -- when I picked up the new skein, I found another yarn for the next project.
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LIfe Group

The church group that I attend on Friday mornings is called Life Group. It's for growing together in Christ, supporting each other, living life with each other, etc. I've been starting to think about how to broach sharing more full details about my particular life picture with my group. Still just in the thinking stages.

On the lighter side, a woman in the group who used to consider herself a lesbian (and no longer does, or just no longer does sex -- she mentioned the l word in passing as subject that had been discussed before I was in the group, so I don't know all the details), has the surname "Head." I mean, really.....
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