December 3rd, 2005

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I've got a bigger, easier to see desktop. The Not [so] Evil Plan involved acquiring two flat screen monitors: one 17" CRT and one 19" LCD panel. Flar got the panel, and I have the monitor. I've lost a little deskspace, but it wasn't particularly usable space before. The old monitor was only 13" but it had integrated speakers, so I also have new speakers sitting on my desk, too.

I like having more room on the desktop.

Adventures in AV entertainment.

I've already worn my Insignia DVD player out, apparently. The motor doesn't spin anymore, although the screen still appears functional. It might still work as a game player screen, for instance, with external inputs. Repairing electronics in the $100 range is currently economically silly, but I didn't want to spend bucks right away replacing it.

My short-term alternative is listening to music and books-on-CD using my Treo. So I ripped the new CDs I got for Christmas, a 2 disc David Bowie collection and a Frank Sinatra CD. Our printer is a film reader, but it's a USB 1.0 connection, so it took "forever" to load the card with 256M of music. Next step, getting better phones, as my old cheapie Rad Shack buds are beginning to annoy.

At Rad Shack, I dithered between the sound-barrier foamie buds and the three-in-one pack that had hairband/uncomfy buds/padded earclips, and settled for the foamie buds which came with an assortment of foamies and a nifty pouch (which I will eventually replace, but re-use the snappy bits). The things get silly. Note. I had a 10%/everything coupon that I could use, and my Rad Shack account has a 90 day/same as cash deal on anything over $100. It started slowly. $20 for the phones. Another $10 for a combo hand-held shredder/electric letter opener pack. The former for Tigger to make Bob bedding from newspaper; the latter will be my Christmas exchange gift at work -- I drew one of the salemen; I'll embellish the wrapping with sugarfree candies, as he's a diabetic.

Then it got silly. I mentioned that I had worn out my Insignia and inquired as to prices. They had an old demo-player whose box was long missing. $75 and another $20 for the universal remote to replace the one that went missing. My total was $112 after discounts and tax, which was less than the original player, and I get the same-as-cash payment deal.

I'm not sure how I feel about seeing the salesman wearing one of the headsets I wanted from Black Friday. Mind you, it was the second stop on Daddy's list, and he would have had to be first in line, as they sold in 2minutes, so I suppose it's not a big deal.

ooh, shiney! LJ has holiday banners up. :)

On to work. Armed with no DVDs, new phones and 256M of music.

The jack on the Treo is a micro-mini, not a mini. sigh. Okay, let's see how tinny the speaker is. Realplayer couldn't see any of the music. double sigh. Borrowed T's radio for night and listened to Dave Ramsey encourage me to stop spending money. ;)

Since then, I've reformatted the music card via the Treo, which set up a folder structure that allows it to see the music, and Flar is getting me an adapter while he's out today.

In sum, I now have working AV again. It'll be nice to have entertainment on my phone, lightening my "bag load" to work, and a working player for when I feel like carrying the extra bag.

Flar and I doubled with Knight and Ro to Regatta and Comedy Off Broadway, last night. Good food, funny people, and silly music.

Tigger had company last night, who ended up having to pitch in to help clean the kitchen floor, but they got lots of game and Bob time anyway, AND did homework together, so the visit was fine. L's mom is interested in the possibility of a new leather coat or jacket or pants or boots, after looking at some of Flar's samples, when she came to pick up L this morning.

Flar took Critter for more driving practice this afternoon, and then I think we're planning to see a movie with Knight and Ro.

I've got an evil plan for Ro's birthday present, and almost a month in which to execute. I'm knitting a matching scarf and hat for Mom to give Truly, and then a scarf for Tigger. I should still have sufficient time left for the twelfth night pressie that I've decided on for Belmikey.

And, it just occurred to me that someone (besides my dad) has a 0 in his birthday this year, which might require some extra attention...
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