November 24th, 2005


Christmas is coming early this year

Mom and I did a spot of errands-running and Christmas shopping today, including Tigger's gift (early).

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We're having Thanksgiving at Scarlett's house. She's preparing the turkey and associated dishes. We're bringing sweet potatoes, mincemeat and cranberries, prepared as casseroles, pie and sweet salad. Truly is in charge of other vegetables and salads.

Order of the day will be advertisement studies, dinner at 6pm, and a long winter's nap.

Followed by a very early rising to get to the head of the lines for shopping adventures.

Sunday, we're having family Christmas with my parents while they're still town. Ro, Knight, Scarlett and Bébé will join us for dinner, and Brody's family will join us on Monday. We're having family Christmas with Flar's family on the 21st, before Flar takes Critter to Brazil for a beachside Christmas. Tigger and I are staying home and sharing Christmas day and Hanukah with Knight and Ro.

Which means that Christmas is coming early, and then it's just going to keep on coming. ;)
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