November 16th, 2005


Holiday Baking Party

I'm having my irregularly held holiday baking party this Sunday, from 2pm through 8pm. Anyone is invited - call me at 859-338-9245 for directions, if you need them.

We'll have two kitchen-aid mixers, common ingredients and tools. Bring a recipe and any special ingredients, and come bake with us.

So far, I know that Mom and I and Ro will be here, and possibly Hazel. I'm also inviting Chess Club moms, and BSF and church friends. I plan to have Christmas Cake Cookie and Gumdrop Cookie doughs already mixed and ready to bake, and Cider simmering in a crock pot to sip while we work.

Flar and the boys may be decorating our tree at the same time; children and non-bakers are welcome to come hang out.
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