October 30th, 2005

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Busy week

Work is calming down again - I'm back to three days a week. More sleep, less pay. Always a trade-off.

I managed to get Tigger to school on time every day this week. Tuesday was a long day - Chess Club, then Fall Fling, a musical program at school. I didn't have to work that night, so Tigger didn't have to sleep in the server room.

We had a pot-luck at work on Friday, and I got an 8 hour short-fall straightened out with Opman before I left -- the time clock wouldn't accept my id on the day in question, and my info didn't get entered manually. He added it to this week's time sheet.

Friday night was Fall Festival, and costume day at school. Tigger is a Mad Scientist this year, and had lots of fun filling the pockets of his lab pockets with experiments. I worked the mechanical bull for the 5-5:30 shift, then we got to go home, thanks to the three day week.

Friday night we were going to go out with Knight and Ro, but I was too sleepy to go back out again. Instead, I got an extra long night of sleep. We still don't have the boiler lit, but we're running the "heat" -- the house had gotten cooler than the crawl space. ;-) I figure it'll either warm up again soon, or Flar can light the boiler after he gets back.

Saturday, we went to see The Legend of Zorro and then dinner with Knight and Ro, after restocking on Sam's Club staples in the afternoon.

The current series at church is Quest at the Movies, and today's message used clips from Batman Begins. So, I took the boys to Carmike after the service. We also drove the route we plan to follow tomorrow night for Trick or Treat. The plan is to park at Knight and Ro's, and walk toward Scarlett's house. It's 1.9 miles, and neither Knight nor Flar think we'll make it the whole way. That's what cell phones are for, though, and Knight is prepared to come drive us the rest of the way to Scarlett's. Bébé is going to drive the boys home after they visit for a bit, and Knight's going to return me to my car to get to work.

After we got back from the movie, the boys and I prepared the garage for Flar's new car. He's still hoping to take delivery on Friday, but he won't be buying the first car that he'd selected -- it got sold before the dealership negotiated a trade for it. They've offered him three others, and he said on the phone tonight that he's selected one -- he's just waiting to hear it them confirm the sale. Then I get to call USAA and make arrangements for insurance.

We're parking the bicycles and wagon in front of my car now, and we've temporarily duct-taped a 2x6 to the floor for a bumper for me. The plan is to glue it down and paint it pretty colors...

After all the cleaning, we had junk food for dinner to free me up to make dinner for the week without being rushed. I made a pan of King Ranch Chicken and two pans of Beef Enchiladas. I've got my list for tomorrow, and now I'm heading to bed to get a decent amount of sleep when I have the opportunity.
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