August 31st, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow

all felt up and ready to go

I had my annual today, and as my mom likes to put it, I'm good for another 12,000 miles. My blood pressure is down, my weight isn't. My gyn is on the same diet my pcp put me on. He encouraged me to not get discouraged, and keep up with the principles - lower carbs, lower fats, restrict sweets, get more exercise.

The nurse gave me eight 10-count boxes of Lexapro to make up for not responding to the pharmacy fax on Friday. At my current cost, that works out to $200+ in freebies. happy'kin

Since I already had my legs spread, I asked for an STD screening as well. Near as I can figure, the last one I had was in '99! So he sent me out with blood-sucking paperwork to take upstairs, and a scrip I won't have to fill for another two months. ;)

In the waiting room for the lab, there was the cutest little toddler. He had just finished a sippy of juice, and was basking in the pleasure of it, all spayed out on the waiting room floor. Later, he tried dashing through the open door that led to the blood-letting rooms. It's amazing how cute they are when you're not the one in charge of them. ;)

I went through the bulk of the pile next to the keyboard, and found that it's eaten at least one item thrown into it, and contains some fiddly bits that don't relate to printing a report for Flar on the checking.

Critter made a special plea for laundry today. Seems I never actually washed clothes last week, just towels and rugs. He even offered a trade: he washed the hand-wash, if I'd agree to do whites after work tonight. Since work was light tonight (no scanning, and only one client to index), I'm washing whites and t-shirts. Which means I'm typing this in my birthday suit, as it all went into the wash tonight. ;)

I got to talk to Alaska today. She sounds so tired and stressed. I wish I could just reach out my arms like wings, and fold her up like a baby bird and give her peace. But I'm once again in the pushing to remember to make time for other people mode. I let things slide a little with the car stress so I'm in catch-up mode again. I think tomorrow I'll put the house to rights a bit more, while finishing the laundry.
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