August 21st, 2005

Bday Sleepover, Sleepover, Camping

End of Shift

TIgger is upstairs, awake, with one of his friends. The six kids currently occupying the family room are drowsing through Ace Ventura, the fourth of five movies selected for the party. There was a short interlude for some of [adult swim] between the first two movies.

Flar supervised the Crazy Pizza (toppings this time included Lucky Charms, Trix, Cheetos and Baked Beans, to name only a few of the unusual ingredients), then cleaned up the kitchen.

I had shushing duty while Flar tried to sleep, keeping them to a dull roar during the movies they selected while I was napping. I also supervised Crazy Cake. I'll upload party pictures when we send them all home. Some of the cakes were pretty creative.

I've cleaned up the kitchen for Flar to take over for breakfast, and now I'm going to crawl in for some snuggle time before he gets up to take over. The earliest pickup request is 10am, so I'm going to make sure I've an alarm set for 9:30am.

nini all
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Wine, Bubble Bath, Relaxation

Bubbles, then movie, then write

First, I'm off to soak and drink and eat and read.

Then, I'm taking Flar to the movies - I have spending money left, and he doesn't. We're going to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith at the Carmike.

Then I'll think about writing up a photolog of the sleepover.

For now, relaxation.
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