August 16th, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Up before 7 for the Feast of St. Andy's

Today is Critter's first day of school, as a sophomore at East Jessamine. Coincidentally, it is the Feast of St. Andy's of the Third Street. Both fine reasons for getting up in time to make breakfast for Critter.

For our feast, we had Apple Pie Spiced Pancakes, a waffle, cheese eggs, ham and eggs benedict. There are two extra pancakes, which I'll be using as bread for a sandwich at lunch time.

Yesterday belongs in a separate post.
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Bad Day

Some Days Are Just Like That

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The rest of the brightening involved making a new icon for my whiney bad day posts, hanging out with Knight in his sick bed this morning (bronchitis is not particularly infectious) watching Wonderfalls and a really weird new reality/game show, and finally, driving home in Knight's car. He's off until the weekend, so I get to drive his car while mine's in the shop.

And now, for the laundry! (cue the super-mom theme music, take three steps, and point one hand)
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

nifty things

Mail will scale pictures. Woot! A couple of meg of first day of school pictures for Mom turned into a few hundred k...

Flar's been surreptitiously doing laundry for me. I asked him to put some clothes in the dryer, and he hung them out when they were dry. He also sorted clean laundry this weekend, and did a special load for Critter last night.

He also brought me breakfast in bed Sunday morning, and he's been mixing drinks for me. I think these are his way of being nice to me while he doesn't understand why car yuck stresses me.

They've poured the concrete today, and Opman actually called me, as requested. He's okay with me not coming in tonight, and I'll be back at work tomorrow night.

Gonna make beef enchiladas and watch TiVo.. Ooh, the excitement. :)
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