August 11th, 2005

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Quick Cleaning

Flar had an investor meeting today, in the dining room. So he asked me to clean the dining room, kitchen, jacuzzi room and family room. I enlisted the boys; it took us about 2 hours or so. In that time, Tigger swept three floors, rinsed recycling and loaded newspapers in brown bags. Critter did dishes, cleared off the jacuzzi, moved laundry, and emptied trash. I washed dishes, wiped down counters, cleared the kitchen table and cleared off the pile next my keyboard. We also got half the clean laundry sorted, folded and put away. I think Critter did the clearing in the family room.

During the meeting, I continued with paperwork stuff, and created a spreadsheet to track Alaska's part of our Cingular bill. Critter and I also experimented with keeping the dogs in the kitchen without a gate in the doorway to the dining room. I think Flar chased dogs out thrice, but then they settled down.

I was going to start my new Dolly book today, but I appear to have mislaid it. Tomorrow, Flar wants to go through finances together, and then I'm going to lunch with Spydie at Moe's. I'll be going to work late, as there is an open house at school. That is, unless Flar will be free to go to that. Currently, he thinks he has an evening business meeting that would conflict.

Clean houses are happy spaces for me.
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