August 7th, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow

Just catching up

I haven't posted much of substance lately...

Still haven't written all the meme-age to which I've committed, because I spent my spare time today substantially brightening up my journal, and making minor updates to my bio.

My week has been mostly working nights, sleeping mornings, house chores in the afternoon, rinse and repeat. I let the bills and dishes gather a bit toward the end of the week: I'm planning to catch up tomorrow.

I've had a few calls about the car and one test drive. He said he was committed to look at another car today, so I don't know if I'll hear back from him.

This afternoon, Flar got all of us working on the front hall. I now have a list of what's in the Ebay-it box; that'll get front-burner attention after school starts. When Tigger finishing mopping the floor, he and I made a Wet Floor sign out of a pizza box.

We've scheduled a sleep over for Tigger on the 20/21st, and I've got the postcards ready to mail on Monday. I've also got a package for Brad, a package for Gaucha, and a package for Alaska, unless we see each other on Tuesday.

I've made plans with Knight to go to KY Kingdom on Tuesday for a last chance weekday visit before Critter's back in school (the following Wednesday). King's Island will have to be a weekend trip.

Zee threw in the towel on five nights a week, but Opman convinced her to stay on with her old schedule, so I'll be likely working alone on Tuesday and Friday nights, as well as working longer hours than she does when she's in. I don't mind though - as long as I've got DVDs.

I've got a new player, courtesy of Knight's Best Buy card. I've paid him back part, and the rest will come out of my next chunk of spending money. I've finished the SciFi Friday marathons, and am currently watching Monk. Knight is my source for work-time entertainment. ;)

Should oughter head to bed now, to be up in time to plot groceries with Flar in the morning. He's going to the grocery, while Critter and I are at church. We're having one his clients (and his wife) and Knight and Ro over for Churrasco tomorrow. Flar prefers to pick out the meat for that, anyway, so he volunteered to do this week's shopping as well. :)
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