July 29th, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow


Got up before noon, had bacon and eggs for breakfast, talked to insurance agents, caught up on house chores, picked up meds at CVS and water at Sam's. Worked. Finished SG-1 season 8, started Atlantis, watched some interstitial Due South (waiting for episodes from Knight).

I'm getting $2,252.01 from Progressive, it should be coming in the mail. My car is old enough I don't have to mess with the title, and can sell it for whatever it'll bring. Ads for $1,500 have been placed and should appear tomorrow (today). I wrote down the year and VIN for Flar's car, but forgot the mileage, so I'm calling State Farm back tomorrow to transfer insurance to his car (currently still titled to his dad, but his dad's fighting with *his* insurance company right now, so we need to insure it and after all, Flar's the one driving it around). Forgot to call back the health insurance agent (looking for a better policy that we have now with Anthem).

Zee's scanner wasn't recognizing breaksheets, so she left after she finished indexing. Which means I got to scan 490+ pages tonight, the most so far. I worked a little over 7 hours tonight.

Tomorrow is my early morning. Bible study at 9:30, then I think maybe napping is in order. Knight's been spending days over here; perhaps tomorrow I'll spend the afternoon with him.
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