July 28th, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow


Today I emptied out my car and got it cleaned, took pictures, and placed ads. It should show up in the next copy of Auto Trader, then show up online, and it should also be in the Herald-Leader starting on Friday.

By then, going grocery shopping would have taken too much bite out of the afternoon, but I did have time to put a list together, check on something about espiritodobrazil email for Flar, and get other house chores done.

The boys' project for today was pressure washing. They got the water garden flowing again for me, and cleaned up the back sidewalk. The frog is merrily spouting again, after shooting pressurized water into all three ends of the hose (the pump end, the waterfall end, and even the frog's mouth).

At work, there was indexing enough to take me to dinner, then enough boxes for me to scan almost 4000 pages. Zee image processed one out of the three queues she indexed, so I image processed the other two after I was done scanning. I'm almost done with SG-1 season 8. All but the last two-part episode.

After work, I picked up the groceries. Aquafina has stopped selling sparkly water and has their own brand of artificially sweetened, flavored, sparkly water. So I'm back to drinking Kroger sparkling water as the cheapest in cans, because noone sells soda water in serving-sized bottles. I'll look again at Sam's tomorrow. Perhaps I missed it when I looked before.

Tomorrow: Sam's Club and CVS and finishing up the laundry. Then work.

oh the exciting life I lead.
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