July 27th, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow

My day, in short

Slept 'til noon. Actually felt a bit indulgent, as I kept fielding calls before then and feeling alert enough to get up, then explicitly deciding to sleep longer.

Heh. Flar called and woke me up just as I had Camel in the car with me, no idea how I got him there, but I was giving him a ride to somewhere in Lexington. I think I'd found him stranded somewhere else in Lexington and rescued him, but I didn't return to that dream, so I didn't get to find out.

Took a check to the bank for Flar, then decided not to work out today. I picked up Knight on the way home, and he spent the day here. We did very homey stuff, like calling insurance agents, washing dishes, opening mail, reading to Tigger. That sort of thing.

Only worked 3:45 tonight, but that was more than last night. No scanning last night; tonight I scanned just under 3K pages. There's definitely time to do the 5-10K that Opman wants, if he can enough prepped for 2nd shift.

Still watching SG-1.

The chicken soup I made the other day turned out yummy for dinner tonight.

Wal-Mart doesn't have the kind of dog bed I want to buy to replace our current one. The current one has smelly filling. Gonna check out Meijer tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'm going to clean out the car and get it detailed for sale. Flar's idea. I've got to check with him again about that, as I doubt he actually wants me to spend $90 on it. But, once it's as sparkly as it gets, I'll take some pictures to use for ads and list it. I don't get to go car shopping until it sells.
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