July 18th, 2005

Scrubbing bubble, Cleaning

Almost clean house. :)

The playroom, Lincoln room, Critter's room, Tigger's room, and the upstairs bathrooms are all some semblance of clean. There is a new ceiling fan in Critter's room, which needs a new wall switch before he can use the light -- we can't find what Flar did with the switches he replaced recently.

The kitchen is clean, from floor to counters and table. Including dishes and recycling and bills. All the bills are posted, and I only have three bills related phone calls to make tomorrow.

Next: The jacuzzi room, more laundry, and the master suite.

Knight is staying on his night schedule, staying up all night, so he'll be able to keep me company through all the cleaning.
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bundled up, walkabout, snow

Third shift and second shift are different...

Okay, I need to remember that Knight works 3rd shift; I work 2nd shift; and I really *do* sleep at night. Just for a later definition than common. But, I got the house spiffy-tidy, AND finished updating quicken AND printed checks to mail today. Fortunately, Knight was driving, because I conked out on the way home from Louisville.

Tired now.

But, Flar told me what I nice job I'd done, getting the house clean before he came home. Yay!!! And, it feels good. coming home to a house that's not crying out with ThingsToDo.

Zee and I used up all the work early tonight. Then, I got all paranoid about how my car was driving, so I stopped by Knight and Ro's on the way home, to get Knight to drive it. He says it definitely needs a thrust alignment, and there may be a problem with the power steering. Upside? I got to pet kittens, and retrieved my mobical password from my old phone (which Knight is currently borrowing), so I can export phone numbers to iCal.

Tomorrow: figure out how to start the process of getting my car fixed.

Appt with Caroline.

Training at work, to scan for the new client -- 3 million page backfile, completion due by November.



Flar is still on European time - he was in bed asleep when I called home at 9:30 to tell him I was coming home early.

Tonight - catch up on LJ while chatting, then crash. Getting up at 8:45 in the morning.
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