June 23rd, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow

One doesn't ride the train in a hurry

Traveling by Amtrak is all about good food, clean sheets, a gentle rocking to sleep, time to read, time to play cards, time to see the countryside pass by.

We arrived in Orlando about 5 hours late. There were plenty of taxis waiting around, and it only took about 10 minutes to wait for the baggage cart to drive up. We matched up our bags with our tags, and left for the airport.

Somehow, at 2 and 3 in the morning, my focus narrows, and I'm wildly cheerful if only all the reservations are still in place. Which they were. So, happy ending, driving an SUV (with surprisingly good suspension) to the hotel, and crawling into soft clean sheets.

The boys let me sleep until after 2pm today, and then I sat down and caught up on LJ. We missed the free breakfast (7-10 am), and we'll either order in pizza, or drive to the nearest I-Hop.