June 17th, 2005

bundled up, walkabout, snow

lazy day in the sun

okay, I let myself get a little pink. But I had lots of fun. We went swimming at Mom's friend's house, and they allow dogs in the pool. Only Shadow, Mom's pom, and Marley, a new Husky-German Shepherd mix puppy actually got in. They have foam floats that are sturdy enough for small dogs. There were also a "Dr. Suess" style Chihuahua-some-with-long-hair mix, a shitzu and another mop dog. Lots of cute fur runnng around the yard. :)

I played around with my camera a bit more. And set up email on my phone. I talked to Flar. One closing down, another to go next week. He's expecting all sorts of checks to come in, so money's okay for now.

Flood went for a checkup today, and her eyes are not quite well yet. Flar says they gave her two different kinds of drops, and that she was squinting later, like one does after getting eye drops. He hasn't noticed a droopy ear like She_ mentioned -- I'll have to wait and see for myself, I suppose.

Flar is definitely coming to Orlando to meet us, and I've finally gotten around to making rental car arrangements. I need to make a hotel reservation for DC, and then we'll be all set.

Now that I've figured out how easily I can get to the net from my phone, I'm also looking more closely at my service plan tonight, to see about upgrading net access...
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